Graph technology for your next
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Discover unexpected connections

Graph technology for journalism provides deeper insights

Write better stories with graph analysis

Gain a deeper understanding of your data and non-intuitive relations

Enhance your workflows with graph analysis

Graph technology is most effective when integrated in the daily work

What are graphs ?

Graphs are a visual way to show connections between data points through a network of nodes and relationships. Graph technology allows to find relations in large amounts of data (big data) fast and efficiently.

Why using graphs in journalism ?

Already used in many fields from data management to bioinformatics, graph technologies are starting to make an impact in investigative journalism, especially with the increasing importance of data journalism. Graphs are an efficient way to analyze complex data for investigation and storytelling.

How can we help you with graphs ?

Our datascoop team are proven experts in graph technologies as well as in journalism, connecting the two fields most effectively for your benefit. From trainings in graph analysis for (data) journalists to introductions of graph software and databases (TigerGraph, Neo4j, Neptune, JanusGraph, ArangoDB etc.), we offer comprehensive services for journalists and media teams. As software developers we also integrate graph technology and analysis in legacy databases with customized applications.

Who can benefit from graphs ?

(Data) Journalists

Graphs provide deep data insights for any type of journalistic activity.


New directions for stories and research activity, provided by graphs.

Media Data Managers

Graphs provide an intuitive way to access and manage large media databases.

Interested in graphs for journalism ?

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